BBC World Service: Cassini’s Last Adventure

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of travelling to Holland to document the incredible of Cassini-Huygens – a space mission which took us closer to Saturn that we’ve ever been and found that at least two of its moons could harbour life.

This is the promotional video I made and here is a link to the programme.

Snoopy & The Drone

Many of us are unaware how much personal information we permit apps to take but what about our phones alone. If we had no apps, our personal data would be safe, right?  Wrong: As it turns out, just by having your WiFi switched to ‘on,’ you could be broadcasting messages to the world about who you are, what you like and even where you sleep at night. This is all possible with a free bit of software, available online, called Snoopy. I investigated…

In search of a truly local cup of coffee…

In my life at least, coffee makes up a good portion of my diet. But have you ever thought about how a humble bean turns into a delicious cup of java?

Well, below is a video about I made about the journey of coffee…

If you’re not caffeinated enough after that, check out the Naked Scientists show on caffeine.