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BBC World Service: Why does dark matter, matter?

Scientists have been searching for dark matter for 80 years, so CrowdScience wondered whether they could find it faster. Armed with a boiler suit, hard hat and ear defenders, Marnie Chesterton travels over a kilometre underground into a hot and sweaty mine to see how we could catch dark matter in action. She investigates various theories as to what it might be with popping candy and gazes at galaxies to determine how we know it exists in the first place. But most importantly, she questions whether it really matters. And, as our Singaporean listener Koon-Hou askes, what impact would finding it have on our everyday lives?

Presenter: Marnie Chesterton
Producer: Graihagh Jackson

BBC World Service: Cassini’s Last Adventure

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of travelling to Holland to document the incredible of Cassini-Huygens – a space mission which took us closer to Saturn that we’ve ever been and found that at least two of its moons could harbour life.

This is the promotional video I made and here is a link to the programme.

BBC World Service: The Science Hour

Over the last 6 months, I have been producing BBC World Service’s The Science Hour – a programme which takes a look at the week’s highlights from science, health and medicine.

The broadcast can be found here.

Stressed? You’re not alone…

Are we increasingly more prone to struggle with stress in today’s world and if so why? I probe the state of my mental health by taking a stress test to unearth how the human body responds and why; we’ll be seeing whether having a ‘gut feeling’ has anything to do with it and what we can all do to unwind a little more.

Ice bucket challenge: Two years later

Remember the ice bucket challenge? I certainly do… It’s been two years since we all dunked out heads in freezing cold water, raising money for motor neuron disease. But what progress has been made against the fight against the disease? I went to find out…

Why scaring animals is good for the environment…

… It’s surprising to think that roaring at a raccoon may in fact be good for the environment. Raccoons and many other species like deer have become numerous because of us – we’ve killed off all their predators and thus, they can live in what Justin Suraci describes as ‘raccoon paradise.’

But what Justin’s research shows is that the fear of a predator may be as effective in keeping numbers down as predation itself. In other words, scaring a raccoon could be a good thing.

People like my aunty will be thrilled to hear that’s all it takes to stop them digging up the garden…

Why are the sperm whales beaching?

In January, a lot of sperm whales washed up across Northern Europe. Disturbing as it was, I went to see what I could learn about the beachings from previous episodes…

Cosmic Quandries: The Origins of Time

Last month, I launched my own podcast – Naked Astronomy and  thought what better place than to start a podcast all about cosmology than at the beginning of time!

One of the big questions in cosmology is what happened at the beginning of the universe and what happened before? Astrophysicists are edging closer to answering this question – we can now look back to a fraction of a second after the Big Bang. But what happened before that still remains elusive and there are still many loose ends to tie up. In this episode of Naked Astronomy, I take a look at the the origins of time…

Do you have skinny genes?

I have a very clear memory of my brother holding clinging on to a pole and managing to lift himself horizontal to the floor, aged 7. Charlie had incredible strength and actually, has always been one of those people who were very good at any sport they tried. Infuriating as this was, I now have to admit, it’s pretty impressive.

But, I had one remaining question – why is it that Charlie was insanely strong whilst Scotty, my youngest brother, and I were comparatively ‘weak?’ Well, I set out to answer just this in my latest Naked Scientists programme.

Expect cold water immersions, lots of shrieking, singing about DNA and much, much more…

Broadcast: BBC 5 live, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, ABC Radio National and as a Naked Scientists podcast. 

Electric vs Petrol: Who will win?

Thanks to our friend Waseem Mirza at the BBC, we managed to race a petrol car against an electric Tesla in time trials to see what would win…