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Where is everybody?

Most astrophysicists would agree that it’s highly likely that there’s life beyond Earth. But then why haven’t we found any? This month on Naked Astronomy, I tackle one of the fundamental questions of mankind with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jim Al-Khalili and Dallas Campbell.


November 2013 marks the centenary of Alfred Russel Wallace. A 19th century genius, not only did Wallace develop the theory of natural selection alongside Darwin, he was also the first to scientifically explore whether it was possible for life to exist beyond Earth. 100 years on, this podcast discovers just how much closer we are to one of mankind’s ultimate goals, finding extraterrestrial life and whether the long forgotten genius of the 19th century was right all along.

This is what I made as apart of my MSc at Imperial College. It was subsequently published on the journal, Wild Culture