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BBC World Service: Why does dark matter, matter?

Scientists have been searching for dark matter for 80 years, so CrowdScience wondered whether they could find it faster. Armed with a boiler suit, hard hat and ear defenders, Marnie Chesterton travels over a kilometre underground into a hot and sweaty mine to see how we could catch dark matter in action. She investigates various theories as to what it might be with popping candy and gazes at galaxies to determine how we know it exists in the first place. But most importantly, she questions whether it really matters. And, as our Singaporean listener Koon-Hou askes, what impact would finding it have on our everyday lives?

Presenter: Marnie Chesterton
Producer: Graihagh Jackson

BBC World Service: The Science Hour

Over the last 6 months, I have been producing BBC World Service’s The Science Hour – a programme which takes a look at the week’s highlights from science, health and medicine.

The broadcast can be found here.

Stressed? You’re not alone…

Are we increasingly more prone to struggle with stress in today’s world and if so why? I probe the state of my mental health by taking a stress test to unearth how the human body responds and why; we’ll be seeing whether having a ‘gut feeling’ has anything to do with it and what we can all do to unwind a little more.