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BBC World Service: Why does dark matter, matter?

Scientists have been searching for dark matter for 80 years, so CrowdScience wondered whether they could find it faster. Armed with a boiler suit, hard hat and ear defenders, Marnie Chesterton travels over a kilometre underground into a hot and sweaty mine to see how we could catch dark matter in action. She investigates various theories as to what it might be with popping candy and gazes at galaxies to determine how we know it exists in the first place. But most importantly, she questions whether it really matters. And, as our Singaporean listener Koon-Hou askes, what impact would finding it have on our everyday lives?

Presenter: Marnie Chesterton
Producer: Graihagh Jackson

BBC World Service: Cassini’s Last Adventure

Over the summer, I had the pleasure of travelling to Holland to document the incredible of Cassini-Huygens – a space mission which took us closer to Saturn that we’ve ever been and found that at least two of its moons could harbour life.

This is the promotional video I made and here is a link to the programme.

BBC World Service: The Science Hour

Over the last 6 months, I have been producing BBC World Service’s The Science Hour – a programme which takes a look at the week’s highlights from science, health and medicine.

The broadcast can be found here.

Stressed? You’re not alone…

Are we increasingly more prone to struggle with stress in today’s world and if so why? I probe the state of my mental health by taking a stress test to unearth how the human body responds and why; we’ll be seeing whether having a ‘gut feeling’ has anything to do with it and what we can all do to unwind a little more.

Where is everybody?

Most astrophysicists would agree that it’s highly likely that there’s life beyond Earth. But then why haven’t we found any? This month on Naked Astronomy, I tackle one of the fundamental questions of mankind with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Jim Al-Khalili and Dallas Campbell.

The End of Night?

As the northern hemisphere enters the dark depths of winter, days get shorter and nights get longer. Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to be. But since the invention of the light bulb, we’ve long been working towards the end of night. But does this matter? I investigate…

Ice bucket challenge: Two years later

Remember the ice bucket challenge? I certainly do… It’s been two years since we all dunked out heads in freezing cold water, raising money for motor neuron disease. But what progress has been made against the fight against the disease? I went to find out…

Scrutinizing Science

This week, The Naked Scientists celebrated their 15th birthday and so I put science under the microscope and questioned its importance in today’s world.

Connie won a meteorite

My colleague Connie won a meteorite and so I made it my mission to find out as much as possible about this hunk of space rock, including how I might go about finding one of my own…

Jupiter: King of the Planets

NASA’s Juno probe has reached Jupiter after a five year battle through our solar system and is orbiting the gas giant. But now it’s completed this death-defying stunt, what now? This month on Naked Astronomy, I colluded with the king of the planets to find out what it’s really all about…